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Are you green? Take this test to know it

FeaturedAre you green? Take this test to know it

Do you breathe? Need oxygen? Water? These questions by far qualify as green to everyone that answers yes with three points. Anyway let's continue with other questions to know your green degree. Sorry for the bad jokes, no offense intended.

Do you were born on planet Earth?

If so, you are a mammal, homo sapiens from the primate family because probably no other knows this language and add then other point.

Do you have a brain that you don't know how it was created from childhood?

Evolution or whatever reason, Nature chooses every factor of the characters for your awareness in that case. Every question adds a point from the beginning.

Nature or the environment is the reason for every action of your life?

Without life, optimistic mysticism aside, mournfully nobody can do nothing. Not be surprised if you are completely dependent of it. That way, what matters most might not be a gold coffin. Nor empty for the greediest!

When you breathe toxic air, do you feel right?

That's a tricky one! Please think twice before answering it to know your green level accurately. Both psychologically and physically for being realistic.

Do you think it is better to treat the atmosphere as a dumping?

To make this question more complete, it's necessary to remember that the atmosphere works as a natural protection to radiation and the instability creates critical events that potentially affect to everyone living here. An event could blow your house with you inside or convert your car in a metallic boat! It's not the first time that happens by the way, so who could play with instability being rational? We assume everyone is green also on this, or was seeing a green light answering no.

With one point or more congratulations, now you can buy a green leaf and put in the windows of your home or vehicle, that would advert others that you are green!

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