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People that make sport have less probabilities of experiencing different health problems. Sport increases resistance toward diseases and also the overall energy. The air capacity of lungs augments, providing more oxygen to the organism and this element and sugar also help the brain.

Using the car usually leads to obesity because the organism doesn't find activities to consume the high number of calories acquired each day. “All assisted” policy. Everything enters in a noxious loop that ensures to increase different proven risks to health, those experienced by multiple individuals.

Nature almost never passes mistakes of this kind because who endangers his / her own health without thinking in consequences normally pays for it. Life is not a game, and each decision counts.

Right now there are near a billion vehicles based on hydrocarbons, thus the air contamination starts to be one of the biggest problems of our time. With 5000 km and a car that creates 200 grams of carbon dioxide each kilometer, the result is a ton of carbon dioxide. How many kilometers per car in its lifetime?

Knowing those numbers, who continues being part of this environmental debacle must also understand that the oxygen is relevant for living, as the products of air pollution are enemies to everyone. And that means all people, poor or wealthy any day could be the last without solution.

It's necessary to act accordingly to the facts, and right now everyone that is not an environmental activist could be cataloged like extremely irresponsible with his / her own life; even those not affected should think in others. In multiple cities, you could analyze the air to discover that is full of toxins. An obvious truth.

More gas cars, more toxins thus the rational solution would be to void combustion cars, make sport and study nutrition to include antagonists in your diet and trying to avoid as much contamination as possible.

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