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Drive carefully

Drive carefully

The road still stays as the highest source of fatalities below an age group, in which any little error could be catastrophic. Young people tend to assume risks with more ease, maybe because their brains are still in development, a hormonal issue or frequently due to social interactions —you could say also fun without remembering what is at risk— although with the age the perspective usually changes toward more responsibility. A problem of high relevance could appear to those individuals that need to experience an accident to understand that they happen, to anyone. If it involves serious damage, maybe there's no solution.

Anyone should consider that speed involves a unity of time. Faster means that the time decreases, and slower more time. Lose two hours or gain an entire life if faster was the reason to experience an accident without survivors.

There are vehicles that are designed to go relatively fast, although gravity and inertia ensure high damage after a certain threshold. For high speeds there are circuits and special security measures to ensure that the percentage of fatalities is very low or even nonexistent. A road is not an improvised circuit, who thinks so has a little value for his life, and normally puts others at risk as well. The road is full of surprises that no one could know, in any part of it. To trust it is a great mistake, and the same for the vehicle. Every material could fail due to its manufacturing process, that always involves a degree of impurity and imperfection in its molecular structure, or worse.

Singularly in a road without security like a circuit does have, with medical help, fire extinction and such necessities to protect the pilots, the user must have much more precaution, guessing even that the vehicle can break, great mistakes of other drivers, or any problem in the track that would be enough to lose control of the vehicle. The key is to maintain a speed that ensures a safe stop in an emergency. The reaction time is another, so that's why the driver must be always with the right quantity of sleep hours and without any psychoactive substances in the blood creating clumsiness.

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