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Should we eat the white part of the watermelon?

FeaturedShould we eat the white part of the watermelon?

It looks like in there the quantity of nutrients is higher, with quantities of vitamin A, C, B6 and citrulline, fiber of course and some antioxidants. Some argue that critrulline, once it becomes L-arginine, serves to aid different aspects in the circulatory system.

The white part doesn't taste like the rest but then, to waste it seems a bad idea, since it has interesting nutrients. As with everything, when the taste is not found particularly good, the trick is to find a method to consider it enjoyable.

Several cultures use this part for cooking, others to make juices, and for this line. For example in the juice, once the taste is dissolved, it happens like with sound, a louder one masks —even completely— the low, so the senses could agree with this solution.

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