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How to remove phthalates

Flexible PVC is usually a suspectFlexible PVC is usually a suspect

It's difficult to know if another packet from somewhere comes with a plastic with a high concentration of phthalates. These chemicals cause a characteristic smell, very perceivable and with too many reviews about potential harm to people in a near radius. There's no chemical bond from phthalates to plastics and they are released to the air without too many difficulties.

A reason to discard the unit for some, although knowing their nature it should be possible to accelerate the degradation process until a secure limit. How?

According to our tests, direct sunlight exposure advances the natural release considerably. Another technique is the use of organic solvents like ethanol, or acetic acid (vinegar includes it) as they are usually not very complicated to acquire. If the air takes phthalates out, outside should be more ready for the task.

There are more options, but these ones should work well. However, phthalates go to the atmosphere and this solution is also a problem. The main issue is to produce phthalates and allow them into the market. Anyone must avoid buying or selling plastics that cause strange smells and specially if they create doubts about risks for health.

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