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Which is the mystery about quinoa cultivation?

FeaturedWhich is the mystery about quinoa cultivation?

Recently this vegetable has been augmenting its price in several areas until reaching a disproportionate one, for some ridiculous, remembering that it's a plant like any other.

Is it another example of lucrative endeavors trying to exploit as much as possible from the population using any potential excuse like a difficult cultivation? Does it have a technical backup? Because all the available tools of today, there are not a few.

Anyone could discover how in fact different areas have good characteristics for quinoa cultivation, in high altitudes, but it doesn't mean that it only grows there! Some sources cite its growth as easy, simply respecting temperature ranges, humidity or say watering principles, fertilizing and in general, other species are far more complicated. All from the seeds, exponentially like the usual altruism from Nature.

Al altruism that doesn't experience match when some people focus a method to extract capital, subtracting this vegetable to a sector of the society, the one that doesn't like —or can't— to pay more than 10 times or more the price of rice.

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