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Is it really refined?

Is it really refined?

The subjective sensation about taste has relationship with the education at early ages, with places where the menu is completely different from others. Then, it's a dubious factor like all psychological processes in a civilization with billions of characters and a unique genome each. Although forgetting this aspect, you could study how a nutrient performs after being part of an industrial process of refinement, and before.

There are several examples like oil, sugar or salt. It's an aphorism of this kind of industrialization that every refined subproduct loses multiple nutrients after being treated with extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals or other processes. With refinement, it achieves more output per unit of mass, a reality that also brings more revenue for the industry and the private individuals that establish protocols of action.

From a health perspective, the subproduct seems to not be bad for some although this perception is not fully shared as there are whom affirm the presence of consequences. It exists a tendency to believe that an alteration is harmless and this adjective should imply the complete understanding of what's good and bad for the organism, exhibiting control over any possible element in consideration.

Believed yes, but this cannot be easily done because the complexity in the order of trillions of combinations to note for each single dynamic organism. Furthermore, the history is full of examples of how a believed truth mutates toward an absurd idea in a few years.

If the raw salt from the sea comes with a myriad of other nutrients, even when some people only see a business source, the first guess in context should be the adequacy of these elements to accompany it. Sure, a nutrient that promotes an action it's better with an inherent countermeasure. Nature was always the example of applied efficiency and that's why we are here surrounded by living organism during millions of years.

When someone believes that its own decisions are safe and modifies nutrients altering their composition should also perceive that the probability of do not accounting with factors of high relevance is superior. Not only who does it, also who trust their health on them.

An unfortunate risk that has an easy solution nonetheless.

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