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Dangerous aliments or drinks

Dangerous aliments or drinks

Any lack of information may produce quantifiable risks when the intake surpasses the recommended limits or contains dangerous elements. For instance if the user doesn't know what aliments have high levels of bad cholesterol and requires them in a constant manner, it could produce health risks.

The same with glucose, as different producers overuse this substance as it's common the affinity to sweet tastes so the result is more demand and also more sales.

Young people frequently converges with parties so you could expect in this capitalistic scenario some entities trying to offer, legally, drinks that push the limits of different alkaloids or mix them with alcohol or other psychotropic depressors, creating a chemical bomb with possible adversities specially when the play is purchasing more than normal.

Another risk factor appears in aliments that could include toxins due to the inherent chemical composition. It would be rare a government that permits them, although sometimes is the user who takes them from the environment without control. Elderberry berries, ackee the national fruit of Jamaica, mushrooms, raw cashews or yucca without treatment are examples of them.

With the intensive use of chemical fertilizers, it starts the possibility of being included with the grown vegetables, or its juice. Here fits the problem of nitrosamines, when with the presence of secondary amines in an acid medium like the stomach, it's possible a reaction with nitrites to create these very dangerous molecules or with exposures to intense heat like frying.

As any organism behaves differently, what is toxic for a person could be tolerable for others with less risk. Allergies are an extreme for taking precautions, but without going to them the most recommendable approach seems to use the available information in terms of recommended quantities per day and potentially hazardous substances.

Meat is prone to carry viruses or bacteria or develop them in certain conditions.

Anyone should remember that having wrong habits and with continuity is a primary factor to experience setbacks of severity. They usually come more troublesome in the long term, establishing an unfortunate quality of life ratio in advanced ages.

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