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Is it better to run or walk? Part I

Is it better to run or walk? Part I

Exercise seems essential to help the organism become more resilient, agile and also eliminate toxins. It also reduces the possibility or severity of several illnesses so these options are accessible to everyone, being for sure between the first kind of sport known.

This question is asked with frequency and therefore different studies have been trying to clarify doubts. As almost everything in analysis, it depends and has advantages and cons.

Running has multiple degrees of intensity as walking and certainly those extreme can be more of a problem than a benefit. The intensity should always go from low to high and never touching extremes because this is a source of injuries, and some serious. Surpassing the moderation the heart also possess risks.

Runners charge more weight in the stride thus the running technique is essential to minimize the potential damage. Knowing how to do it, some people run long distances during decades each week without experiencing issues but otherwise hassles are almost assured. Running right is maybe an art, with numerous aspects to mention. The most transcendental in our opinion is the “barefoot running” technique avoiding the contact with the heels and overloading knees.

Walking also have a recommended approach but here the chances of serious injuries are much less still doing it bad. From this viewpoint running looks safer and also in the case of bad foot positioning and falls.

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