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Detox: Dandelion

FeaturedDetox: Dandelion

Contemporary interaction with several sources of toxicity suggests the use of policies for eliminating as much as possible from your organism. Dandelion serves for this purpose due to several reasons, as it has multiple beneficial substances.

Being diuretic, it helps to eliminate toxins besides of water but the user should take care if this could cause a problem. The Dandelion stimulates the hepatic function and the bile, with a protective function for the liver. The, there's protection for toxicity caused by chemicals or in the food.

The plant might help to eliminate kidney stones simply taking infusions, and also as a blood cleaner. It bundles other interesting set of vitamins, tannins, minerals, carbohydrates, aminoacids (with gluten) between others. So it's considerably complex, even being one of the plants with more iron content.

Another great natural help!

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