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Indoor air quality improves your life

An exquisite Florist's chrysanthemum?An exquisite Florist's chrysanthemum?

With a recent article about formaldehyde being released in the air at several levels, industrial included, there are also other problems like benzenes, trichloroethylene, xylene or toluene as byproducts of understanding development as hazardous and it's going worse each day. The constant atmospheric intoxication is in high numbers so the cleaning should be also industrial. Anyone could hope for more rational planning starting to construct air equalization facilities in the task of regenerating the health of the system.

In the meantime, any world citizen should know that interacting with these elements converges badly with health and quality of life, both psychologically and physically. If governments still lack vision in the same fashion when rivers were dumps and no one thought in building inline water purification until the issue was big enough, there are improvised options.

Back in 1989, the NASA Clean Air Study, was compiling very interesting and relevant information about plants that work as a filter for the aforementioned substances. In the link, the user has a list of plants that are natural labs and with them and an appropriate quantity, the indoor air quality must reach optimal conditions to work as a detoxification therapy during several hours each day.

A top kind, Florist's chrysanthemum, worth for everything in the study.

Amazing discovery, as an easy method to gain health statistics even in the most polluted cities! Did we mention the natural beauty of plants and the availability of seeds nowadays?

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