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Why PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in common tasks

Why PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in common tasks

Every year the statistics speak by themselves warning about cases of serious problems due to accidents. A mere power drill could be extremely dangerous and the risk escalates toward more and more with other tools like angle grinders, saw blades, table saws or similar. Electric arc welding, very common lately, is another source of setbacks.

Fortunately, taking the right precautions nor with the most awkward failure the user should experience a single consequence using these tools.

Protection must account with the protection of eyes, skin and always the very important respiration. Some tiny particles aren't perceived by the vision but that doesn't mean that they don't enter in your organism. Wood with natural and synthetic resins, fiberglass and metals are among the normal causes of toxicity after drilling, cutting or sanding. Also solvents, flux, solder fumes, paints, alcohol, bleach, ammonia and alike products should be avoided using a specific mask.

Gloves are a must in every situation, although the appropriate ones for each task. The hands get the protection they need, usually increase the grip capability and finally the skin is protected from any kind of dirt. There is a special type of gloves that protect against blades, so they must be used in every cutting situation.

It's not recommended at all to not protect the eyesight from any kind of particles. The eye has mechanisms for auto-cleaning but either way a big particle could be catastrophic. A little one would create critical problems in dependance of the properties in the origin substance or material. Rather extremist chemicals are there and they are highly dangerous or even natural materials do cause hazard.

One of the key aspects is to carefully read the instructions of tools, products or whatever related tag or search instead for information. Not using PPE is not an option, without it the work cannot continue and the user must acquire it before, with even higher importance of the investment in the other equipment.

As a final statement, there are too many people that tries to downplay talking about long years of work without using PPE. That is correct, some organisms can handle extreme conditions and trust themselves too much for handling danger without care. Keywords here for instance are a swoon, low tension or those chances who affect alert and conscience, and in general the human mistake. However, the statistics of injuries per year are there, and practically sure that they were very trusty until that day. As an important fact, any particle that enters in the organism leads to potential effects like coughs, or by sweating creating strange smells, or you know maybe being there in the reins for decades. Solvents kill neurons, some particles cannot be easily expelled giving origin to bone or joint problems in a near or distant future. Synthetic chemicals interact with body functions in an unknown manner; good, bad or ugly. It's true that some people live that way or intoxicating themselves with drugs or smoking, with extreme obesity or without making sport, but the quality of life is not the same and never will be and this is more or less similar.

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