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Kukicha, a green tea almost without theanine

FeaturedKukicha, a green tea almost without theanine

The best option for sure in terms of a healthy diet is to avoid stimulants that do lead to habituation and with them some form of addiction / necessity. Coffee has an active compound that interferes with the normality line as also some varieties of tea.

That's not the case of kukicha, a special kind of tea that comes from Japan whose quantity of theanine is almost unperceivable to be psychotropically active. An estimation is a content of 0.1 mg per cup, while coffee has 200mg in the same quantity.

Nowadays kukicha tea possesses a large list of interest, specifically for pH regulation toward alkalization, mineral or vitamin intake plus flavonoids and catechins. Body acidification seems a logical consequence of having a diet that every day includes aliments with an acid pH (meat, fish, milk, eggs, refined sugar, …). A daily cup of this tea could be a great help as well as a pleasure for its taste, without worries about starting an addiction to stimulants.

Someday it was considered “tea for poor people” because the kukicha variety started as a byproduct from rests (branches and stems) of the original plant. The production method is the same, but some areas find a curious business opportunity and kukicha appears right now as a high end tea, very distanced in price from the usual ones. Please stay alert and find a good source!

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