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Sport helps clean your lungs

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This is an interesting fact to remember, especially in the current state of development where the pollution increases the risk of inhaling toxic particles. From some perspective, the air contamination coming from combustion vehicles could be compared with smoking habits, so a good detoxification policy should guarantee less risks.

On the other hand, there are few opportunities for miracles as the sport needs to be frequent if the contact with pollution also has the same character. Sport is perhaps the best ally of health because its benefits are more than “simply” for catharsis after delicate exposures. The bicycle or running are two almost ideal sports, with easy access and great results. Although please remind that running has a technique, and failing in this aspect could lead to injuries. If you are interested, the keywords are “barefoot running”.

Once the sport gets a bit more intense, another fantastic effect is when lungs increase the total air capacity. So incredible benefits that make the organism more efficient should not be forgotten easily!

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