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Paprika, the red spice

FeaturedPaprika, the red spice

This spice comes from grinding red peepers, from several varieties as the family of these vegetables is extensive. Some locations even add another process with smoke coming from oak wood, adding an extra taste. Sometimes spices are the key for differentiating a linear meal, gaining details and making the final result much more interesting.

From this extra option for your culinary thoughts, there are three varieties: sweet, sour and spicy. The spicy one should be used with care as it easily might destroy the food hiding other tastes, creating a hazardous heat. Some investigations say that the spicy is not really bad for health, just the opposite although the problem is being capable of processing it. The infamous cayenne is also a pepper!

Some locations use paprika with intensity like Hungary, Turkey, Greece, South Africa, Romania, Spain and others. In Spain, the word for it is “pimentón”.

It usually comes in a very handy metal box, and we recommend picking up one to those who don't know the taste or use. However, the smoked variety can ruin the dish as it has enough character to excel with total dominance, but taking the right measure it can be like a treasure for you! Any variety because the process of making paprika is complex and for that reason has many potential nuances.

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