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Sea salt is more than a crystal

FeaturedSea salt is more than a crystal

Not only for culinary reasons, sea salt has other great benefits compared with the refined one. It's really rare an industrial process of refinement that doesn't end losing important nutrients like in the case of oil, salt, rice, flour, sugar or others.

Industrial salt loses this time amazing nutrients and a broad range of tastes, as each zone has a singular signature. This is possible because there are numerous factors that are added to the salt crystal, even, in some circumstances, little lifeforms like plankton or different varieties of microscopic seaweed. Not only a crystal!

From our experience, some pure sea salt could be another secret to give the meal an extra detail of taste. Perhaps are those small lifeforms or any trace elements such as manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium chloride or iodine, zinc and still more. So, losing these elements would also say goodbye also to several benefits to the human organism. Fortunately, in most cities, to find pure sea salt is not difficult nor expensive.

The list of available kinds of salt is amazing, and we encourage you to taste all and decide what's best for the special salt receptors in the tongue...

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