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E-333, E-222, E-111, stop!

FeaturedE-333, E-222, E-111, stop!

Several names for chemical substances, but the question is... are they safe? A usual concern is when some food additives are banned in a definite area although the adjacent country permits them without more worries. What is the cause?

The answer is clear, it depends on a subjective opinion or with other words, there are who think that is bad for health and others don't have enough proofs for it, but maybe they know that it could be dangerous.

Other reflection is related to the quantity of interrelated factors when an unnatural chemical enters in the organism. For sure is not as easy as to say black or white, yes or no, it creates damage or not. It's not the first time (nor hundreds) that drugs were banned after passing all the controls for being sold in the market. Very difficult to make estimations of what will happen after ten years or in terms of DNA replication. As there are billion different terms in the equation, it could be affirmed that nobody in the planet has enough capacity for considering them all. The last truth is not known, the history is plenty of examples about this reality. Think in Aristotle, when he said that the Universe had a center in the planet Earth or those scientists from centuries ago believing that the planet was a plane. There are still truths to discover and at the same time, knowing the past and the present, it doesn't seem secure to trust health to different opinions about chemicals and their activity in the organism.

Of course there are situations where a medicine could save literally your life but not every day someone needs to choose in extreme pressure.

Usually, there are alternatives for everything and it's curious how some companies do employ cheap substitute chemicals instead of natural elements, into the food chain so there's a potential risk when it shouldn't be.

Our advice is newly based in precaution; read first and find information before consuming and search for alternatives without unnatural additives. These come from millions of years and they almost ensure their safety. Never play with your health!

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