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Omega-3 from vegetable sources

Omega-3 from vegetable sources

Omega-3 helps your organism in the task of avoiding issues that come from bad cholesterol or LDL, an acronym of low-density lipoprotein. High levels of it is very usual in western cultures, usually due to obesity, excess of alcohol, stress and lack of exercise.

This fatty acid has other interesting properties. It protects hearth functions, reduces inflammation while other sources cite a stronger hair or nails. Every natural nutrient should have a great list of benefits, and this one is no less.

Pumpkin seeds are a source of omega-3, it's hidden inside like a treasure for your needs. Olive oil also has proportions, or dried fruits like walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts. The mythical soya for those who don't eat meat; linseed; sacha inchi, chia seeds, quinoa, ...

As everyone could appreciate, the natural realm is perfectly enough for achieving high levels of omega-3 intake and why not every other useful nutrient for your health. This is a good point to consider when buying products coming from animals is like producing their end.

Now, analyzing proportions, a kilogram of chia could include almost 500 gr of omega-3. A peanut from Peru already mentioned, the sacha inchi reaches near 50% in omega-3.

An interesting balance of proportion and an economical source can be found in linseed, perhaps quinoa because it's always recommendable, …

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