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Foie gras implications

FeaturedFoie gras implications

It's rare nowadays who is obligated to acquire those products that cause suffering on other species. If someone demands them must know that doing so is like creating that suffering or being responsible for it. As humans, we have enough intelligence to understand others' problems and choose our actions when it's necessary.

To produce foie grass the free of guilt creature is treated in a manner that no person would like for him or herself. Multiple countries have been creating legislation to prohibit it, but there are countries with a strange interest in to interpret laws with different sense, or the attitude of other governments. These countries are accustomed to it and sometimes it's seen as another normality, without transcendence but it doesn't mean that the suffering is on themselves.

In other words, there's always free time to take a rest and think about aspects of this importance. It could be undesirable the fact of starting to act when the life makes us understand for other reasons, specially by proximity. There are human rights, and other species should also have laws protecting them as it's happening in developed societies. A reality that is new, and like newborns needs to grow but the first words are being clearly said.

Multiple countries were conceiving different laws to protect and improve the life of different species that are of a particular interest for human nutrition. Foie gras, as a product with obvious singularity (inserting a tube for the throat of a duck or goose) was banned almost completely with few exceptions.

The top producers are France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, United States, China, Canada, Belgium, …

France produces more tons than the sum of the others, or Spain more than United States or China with the well known fraction of the population.

Living in those countries, the product is sold, promoted, advertised without limitations. And any particular observer might appreciate the lack of awareness on the subject, with children being educated for another taste as part of the daily routines. Furthermore is a business, giving support to a sector with considerable revenue so you could see more promotion than warnings about its implications.

There are who prefers to not act if that causes to lose an already psychologically-fixed taste, so an inconvenience. Sad if he or she doesn't know how to reeducate its organism for enjoying other tastes and leaving days without signing acts against others' lives; besides we are also life forms. It's easy making an abuse of position but if you do it, you couldn't protest against who does the same to you.

There are thousand tastes around there, with too much to discover. Please try those that don't carry with them undesirable actions because living without harming others is more than possible.

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