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Health wild-cards: Quinoa

FeaturedIncredible art as always by NatureIncredible art as always by Nature

Quinoa is a nutritional gem that every individual should include in the diet every week! If you know how to cook rice, quinoa could be simply exchanged for it. Culinary quinoa fits almost with every possible combination and its astonishing nutritional properties make it one of the best available aliments.

Some researchers say that quinoa was consumed 7000 years ago, with some people considering it related with gods due to the feeling of being stronger...

It has a considerable quantity of amino acids, and being mentioned that quinoa is a wild-card, a long list of essential amino acids. They are employed to make proteins with the organism doesn't have a specific one so this is extremely important.

Vitamins, fiber, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, …; in fact it has so many interesting nutrients that it would be necessary an extensive space to discuss about them. Perhaps in other article, today we are going to select some facts about quinoa that could be enough to start searching for it!

• Quinoa was considered the “perfect aliment” by an associate of United Nations.

• It was selected for astronauts at NASA.

• Quinoa has 10 essential amino acids that the body can't produce by itself. It's one of the few aliments that have them all.

Some locations have it accessible but in other places the unique method to purchase quinoa is in “Bio”, “Organic food” and similar shops. The grain is natural, there's no need for industrial operations, and with a delicate taste accepts spices remarkably well.

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