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Trees and carbon dioxide to oxygen

FeaturedTrees and carbon dioxide to oxygen

How much carbon dioxide does convert to oxygen a medium sized tree during photosynthesis? Well, some sources cite that one single tree with mature leaves could produce enough oxygen for ten people during a season. Others say about a little more than twenty kilograms of oxygen per year.

Now, a comparison with carbon dioxide production from a single car, with more than a billion in the planet. With 200 grams per kilometer, 5000 kilometers is equal to one carbon dioxide ton. It's true that some combustion cars produce less quantity per kilometer, but a record figure would be near 100 in a commercial vehicle. In this website there are some indications about these figures.

When Wikipedia discusses about photosynthesis, it includes:

Oxygen is also released, mostly as a waste product.

Calling it waste? Is this a joke coming from some sarcastic individual? Almost every location is carrying unsustainable development in its shoulders.

The initial question before selling combustion vehicles should be how many trees or antagonists in general do we need for not destroying the habitat and experiencing all the setbacks that will come.

It's obvious that there's no exit at this air pollution rate but to increase parts per million of carbon dioxide with more overall atmosphere degradation as it was happening since this wrong method of understanding development —as a constant, inertial auto-destruction with closed eyes to the reality that practically nobody wants to see if that means inconvenience— has arrived.

Nevertheless, let us insist on the fact that the energy coming from the Sun alone is enough to say goodbye to the most relevant part of air pollution and the technology is ready for it. True even to those that did not believe in electricity as the queen of energies for sustainable development, although coming from renewable sources and not —contextually— from the lasting bits of the stone age.

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