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10 reasons to eat seaweeds

Featured10 reasons to eat seaweeds

Not every location is accustomed to enjoy seaweeds, but it's a great mistake! They have an interesting set of flavors and possible health benefits, besides algae are a complement in any slimming diet because they help achieve satiety and have few carbohydrates. The usual presentation in markets contains lyophilized seaweed, and therefore could be consumed directly in multiple recipes with ease.

Seaweeds are very popular in oriental cooking, specially Japan, China and Korea. Classified by their color (green, red and brown) which depends on depth where they live and the light that algae receive to realize photosynthesis.

In some circumstances, it's necessary to eat seaweeds with care. Special caution in patients with hyperthyroidism since their high iodine content could generate imbalance.

10 reasons for consuming seaweed could be these:

1. Algae are a source for essential amino acid and vitamins

Some of them have the entire group of eight essential amino acids. Singularly A, C, E, B group and provitamin K, between others.

2. They have trace elements such calcium, iodine, manganese (antiallergic), potassium, iron, etc.

These are recommendable or even indispensable for your health in the right proportions.

3. Great protein source and fiber

Being mentioned amino acids, they guarantee vegetable proteins for different purposes. The fiber content is one of their best properties. This prevents the absorption of cholesterol.

4. They have antimicrobial properties against viruses, bacteria and fungi

A potential solution for little annoyances!

5. The alginic acid found in some algae helps eliminate heavy metals and even radioactivity

Heavy metals like lead or mercury, unfriendly arsenic or radioactive elements such as cobalt, strontium.

6. High iodine content

It may help regulate and maintain active the thyroid gland, burning more calories and activating the metabolism. Useful for controlling weight.

But it also could lead to an excess, so precaution is the word here!

7. Algae act directly on blood making it more alkaline if it's very acid

Could this mean a potential reduction of overall grease in the organism?

8. Different health issues may improve with algae

Like circulatory problems, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, gastritis, gastric ulcer, ... With the union of vitamin B12 and a specific acid found in algae, they are also recommendable to fight against anemia.

9. Decongestant, diuretic and protection toward internal parasites

10. Source of antioxidants

Antioxidants could be useful for numerous aspects related with health, as some studies suggest.

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