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Some warnings about smog

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Every observed reality ends with a name, and then maybe you already know about this one. This term appears to be related with smoke and fog ("sm" plus "og", or smog), and the creation of a toxic cloud at places where the air contamination is high, once certain atmospheric conditions are meet.

It causes different health hazards, and statistically talking, multiple individuals are experiencing them right now. Those include rhinitis, conjunctivitis or more serious ones like asthma or allergies. Also fatal, due to the action of air pollutants that do potentially cause an abnormal cell division.

Then, for sure is much more relevant to know about this risk to your health that the name of any TV show or those results about weekend sports. For that, some warnings:

Several locations will continuously have smog if nobody takes action

It's mainly related with vehicle and industrial pollution. Enough to understand that without modifying behaviors, the toxic cloud could only temporally disappear.

Smog is a high level term that hides a great complexity

It's a chemical reaction process where numerous factors cause subtleties. Those constant changes in air composition interact in an unknown form with each individual, as each human genome is different. Equally about environmental impact in the food chain, water, soil, ...

In an instantaneous manner, raises two categories of people: those who contribute and who don't

Do you think in future generations or in those who are actually paying setbacks without guilt? What others do... needs justification. Any living organism is sharing a public home, and it should remember that Nature is the reason of every single breath before attacking it.

Life is then not a caprice for ourselves. This doesn't keep relation with morality, but respect and understanding.

More population, more vehicles and industrial activities, and smog grows without control

A half truth because there's enough development in technology for completely avoiding air pollution thanks to renewable energies. Principally those easily converted to electricity, the best energy without doubts for those purposes. A new vehicle or industry could be 100% clean.

As already mentioned, smog is not an enemy that you must meet

Habituation, education, psychological or philosophical theories, sociological studies or whatever, nothing matters. Smog is a reality as climate change due to the greenhouse effect. Who is responsible? You should see a lot of raised hands because even the most ferocious shark (lucrative interest, lifeless eyes) cannot survive without being feed. The population chooses products, and with them, who is going to be the leader with power.

Although never forget who should be next! Renewable energy equals to health and quality of life.

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