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What country utilizes renewable energy most?

FeaturedWhat country utilizes renewable energy most?

Renewable energy is the future, while those energies that imply pollution, waste like nuclear or other dangers to the life and ecosystem are an evidence of primitive technology and development. Then, with this obvious assertion, what country is more advanced?

Well, there's some information on Wikipedia stating that China is the top electricity producer by means of renewable energy, citing as sources hydroelectricity, solar, wind, biomass and geothermal.

Biomass (organic combustion) was not always considered renewable as it could increase carbon dioxide emissions, but in a controlled environment, very different from today globally, it might be sustainable. For sure it's better than burning hydrocarbons.

The list continues with European Union, United States, Brazil, Canada, Russia, India, Germany, ...

These positions could be now different because this area is constantly evolving and some data is based on 2011. Several countries are even focusing to reach 100% of their energy by renewable sources, so the future is coming perhaps faster than expected!

According to statistics by the European Union, from Eurostat, in 2010 the top five countries in this area are Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and Spain.

Greenpeace says that only with the 2% of the Sahara desert, it would be enough for providing all required energy for the entire human civilization. Never forget that the Sun releases 384 yotta watts, and this means 384 multiplied by ten to the power of twenty-four. Nobody can imagine as much energy!

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