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Oil and gas billionaires

FeaturedOil and gas billionaires

For sure oil and gas are Earth's resources, although you could argue who has property over them and why. Nevertheless there are not few people that do sell them, and even without worrying about parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere nor the air quality for breathing today or tomorrow.

Interesting how some locations did advance from being a developing country toward a sophisticated area in decades. From camels and stones to modern buildings, luxury vehicles and a high GDP.

United States is as of 2012 the country with more GDP in the world, and with a relatively low population compared to other large economies, although its extension is more than nine million square kilometers! It's one of the top world petroleum producers, only surpassed by Saudi Arabia and Russia.

According to Forbes, some of the richest people in America are interrelated with oil and gas. The country politicians don't respect Kyoto protocol, and maintain USA as the top contributor for carbon dioxide emissions, almost doubling the entire European Union or China.

In the last years there were new ideas to extract more black gold, like fracking. This means to employ techniques that are potentially harmful to the ecosystem, as they try to access the most difficult resources, inaccessible to the usual extraction methods. Aggressive techniques mean more product and more wealth so... what do you expect from that kind of companies?

They sell because someone buys, and they have economic power to decide for the same reason.

But not only America, in the entire world there are more than a billion vehicles so this product is really easy to sell and creates top multimillionaires in each place where oil and gas can be extracted.

Capitalism tries training the population for being customers, and creates the offer. This is not like TV and audience, tailoring shows for what's demanded. Right now there's not a lot of options for green cars nor a complete structure to guarantee traveling around the world as with combustion based vehicles, thus the demand seems controlled.

However, what will happen when all black gold resources are sold out? With great energy density, easy to handle, but is a finite resource and that's why some are acting decadently in existential terms, without respecting the same Nature that did give them life, home of trillions.

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