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E-waste in Africa


Incredible that some countries try to find in developing areas a dump, sending them very toxic electronic waste. But thanks to Internet and other sources, sooner or later that kind of lamentable realities arise to the public like the one that is happening in Togo, Africa.

In that location, some individuals run a hackerspace, and developed a 3D printer using only electronic waste. They were searching for funding and collaboration, reminding some facts to the world. The location receives more than 500 tons of e-waste each year and the 93% of it is burned! The other day we were talking about RoHS, so there's a big change of that kind of toxic elements in all this waste.

They call it “occidental waste”, pointing that 1,500 childs work there. Child work is another sad reality, but this time they are endangering their lives due to the high toxicity (dioxins, benzene, …) of the fume. Statistically it creates fatal consequences each year, more than a hundred.

Although “occidental first class” doesn't end here; perhaps nobody wants to remind that burning all that electronic waste, the problem will reach far places and bring different setbacks. The overall toxicity passes to the atmosphere, soil and water and none can assure where it will end.

Capitalism needs to promote a constant consumption cycle to survive, that's why it's a known enemy of the human mankind. Each new electronic product that replaces and old one, creates millions of tons of e-waste per year while the companies do not stop promoting sales and giving the impression that the product you have must be replaced because it's almost useless.

But that technique for sure doesn't work in everyone! There are who know how to build their own stuff, repair or reuse it, as it happens in that hackerspace in Togo or others around the world, or with the DIY (Do It Yourself) culture. That's much, much better that to buy products thought to be worthless in a definite quantity of time, converting to a lot of population in guilty due to collusion and sloth because that waste is there for several reasons.

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