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Life in the solar system

Life in the solar system

The planet Earth of course has multiple examples of life, nonetheless a big question remains... is it the only planet with them? Thanks to several advances, the human civilization has high resolution images of several planets showing that no other alike species live there with a comparable degree of development. But, focusing perhaps forms of life with a certain cell number, perhaps some day would come a great surprise because today, not every planet was searched.

The universe includes too many planets and energy for being wasted. The exterior space continues as a mystery, and it, maybe, always will be due to the enormous distances. As well, different objects like centers of galaxies make almost impossible taking measurements at an appropriate distance.

What is clear is how Nature mixes puzzles with hundred billions of pieces, with the ability to show multiple techniques that advance a better, superior technology for everyone. If you arrive at another planet like Earth but with different ideas, you could study them and learn from them, discovering so many possibilities and, why not, using them!

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