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Is an artificial gasoline impossible?

FeaturedIs an artificial gasoline impossible?

Too many combustion motors and their design and engineering efforts could be wasted if there's no substitute for giving them power. The problem of the current energy in those chemical bonds appears in the well-known problem of pollution. However, it could be different if someone develops a method to create chemical energy but establishing an additional degree of control in the reaction byproducts.

Something like solar energy to chemical bonds, in a liquid, with the necessary octanes and a harmless action to the environment once explodes, would solve billions of issues.

This is for sure not already done, but someone needs to think in advance as the oil derived energy is a clear enemy of the civilization due to the consequences that you could see and feel in the present epoch. And at the same time, it goes depleted year after year, without solution.

A powerful artificial gasoline without environmental concerns is welcome, any time!

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