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Plastic in the ocean

FeaturedConsuming and its consequencesConsuming and its consequences

When a single person could habitually produce a big quantity of plastic waste each day, multiply it by billions and understand what's a great problem. Several studies estimate that several zones in the ocean are full of plastic waste due to oceanic flows, with a large extension: about fifty million square kilometers.

This obviously endangers the ecosystem, because the plastic garbage enters in the food chain making really difficult to analyze which kind of consequences will happen in the future.

For sure that plastic comes from actions of the human specie. This is another natural disaster, an area contaminated by meanings of irrational behaviors creating a real problem where never existed.

Simply using generic containers from crystal alike materials thought to be used thousands of times it's possible to forget the major quantity of plastic garbage. Or utilizing other materials that are easily biodegraded... or why not those useful for the environment.

But as the developed —perhaps this time it's better to put this term inside quotes— societies continue producing an enormous daily quantity of plastic waste, this oceanic garbage collector should increase its size and potential risk to the life in general.

Any person has a role, and must change his or her behavior if shares the responsibility. From our side we recommend taking notice of what's happening outside the fantasy world. Any bad done action multiplied by the number of persons involved creates an epic disaster that will bring critical setbacks for being experienced and with it, possibly, a number of casualties.

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