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A seed for a future

FeaturedA seed for a future

Several tree species are there to last thousand years, from a seed that looks like any other. The oldest tree almost reaches five thousand years. It's called Matusalen, and its location is not available to the public.

What anyone should remember though is the relevance of planting a seed. A small growth, day after day, finally gets as big, like those sequoias with more than 2000 tons of weight. Even if the purpose is not as grandiloquent, without starting, the future is equal to zero.

In life, there are numerous fields where one could plant a seed for a future. Even with the progress might seem slow, the slow quantity gets bigger until having something that is much better than the past. And, when you reach the goal, or a partial one, the joy goes to the top for a while.

Good sensations to experience!

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