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Milky way, some data to remember

FeaturedMilky way, some data to remember

A galaxy, or better said the place where we live probably for years to come. Trying to measure a galaxy seems sometimes strange because simply between stars the distance is not usually negligible, so, it's a very rough approximation with 150.000 light years of length. And the number of stars? If the first number still cannot produce sensations, try to imagine what's all about with the possibility of having hundred billions of stars and the same for planets.

The name, curiously as we are mammals, comes from mythology because in the past someone said something about a goddess and his milk, which is now believed to be incorrect. Either way, there were many suspicious individuals throwing darts with more intention!

In the center of the galaxy, a mysterious zone that can be measured as a high source of radiation —in fact, simply looking at the images of the galaxy—, with multiple theories about its nature. A hole to where? This one looks rather fantastic. Others say it's an object in a particular state of matter. Whatever it is, it seems clear that this phenomenon doesn't appear lately in the galaxy, and it has enough importance to the entire cluster of stars in its realm, as they follow to the center.

Did you notice that the 10kOyxgen logo is in fact the silhouette of a galaxy?

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