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How to combat wildfires

FeaturedHow to combat wildfires

There are who commit crimes and start fires, and some say that it's not possible to combat them. That's not correct since today technology allows sophisticated monitoring systems. The main problem is when the culprit thinks that no one could identify him, so the action doesn't find consequences. Even today, this is an illusion as multiple individuals are being arrested by the security forces and the law is not particularly soft with these crimes, specially when people are at risk.

It looks like a satellite from space cannot monitor today large areas, and to record with enough precision to identify the source of the fire and who initiates it, if it's a person.

For sure some places were considering drones to monitor large areas, something possible even with small budgets. We think that in the future, numerous drones would be monitoring public space, not simply to combat wildfires but to prevent multiple other problems against the law increasing the protection.

In the case of wildfires, with a specific automation and report software, a recording system, night vision and other aids to perform better, drones are capable of solving this kind of problem, providing detailed images about the areas. With this, any individual knows that the actions are being recorded and if something happens, the police know about. A powerful deterrent that must be accomplished sooner or later with drones. Any government should consider this as fast as possible.

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