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The biggest white shark

The biggest white shark

These creatures, like others, experience hunger and attack any individual if they can. To know that is a good therapy to be away of dangerous waters or avoiding certain depth because it could be the last day of your life. A fish with powerful teeth and jaw that can surpass twenty tons of force. Each tooth is triangular so it makes something similar to a saw.

The normal length for white shark goes up to four meters, although there are recent images and videos with perhaps bigger ones in the 6 meter mark or more. In every genetic code there are differences and a stochastic differentiation thus this mark could be even surpassed.

What is astonishing is how a shark can identify the presence of blood molecules in the water. From kilometers? If you think on it, it seems impossible. Anyway, it looks that in some circumstances, they can because it's rare if they don't arrive after spreading blood in the water. Not instantly, depending on the distance, but after a bit.

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