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Palladium, gold, silver and copper from electronic waste

FeaturedPalladium, gold, silver and copper from electronic waste

Precious metals that are present in multiple electronic devices make the recycling process a lucrative idea for anyone and at the same time responsible with the environment. Some sources say, and by mere logic, that the quantity per million of recycled devices starts to be very substantial. Accounting the number of products constantly dropped and despised by consumerism means, maths create rich people.

Palladium is with platinum, rhodium, silver and gold usual metals in the list for financial markets. Rhodium goes there singularly for being used in the automotive industry. Anyway the others are present in e-waste at high proportions, specially copper, silver and gold.

Almost every major manufacturer of these products, reminding that with their constant product upgrade and price discrimination they trigger the electronic waste, provide a pick-up service and recycling programs. Also there are different places where you can donate your electronic device when its life goes to obsolescence. That's why it's always a better idea to buy products that can be upgraded and they don't come enclosed without compatible pieces, another trigger to waste and bad practices.

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