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Solar energy pioneers: IKEA

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IKEA is actually one of companies that relies more on solar energy with more than 250.000 panels worldwide. Several retail centers are being powered in a considerable percentage from this renewable energy. IKEA affirms that:

The long term direction is for all IKEA Group buildings to be supplied with renewable energy.

With this move, the group saves a great quantity of air pollution while also moves forward to the energy independence. Once the first inversions are fulfilled, the long term ensures economic benefits because as Ikea did discover, the Sun is capable of providing amazing numbers of energy and free, without bills or contracts. And, most importantly, it makes the act of consuming energy simply intelligent, avoiding guiltiness or other noxious sensation because there are locations where using solar energy is like the GPS signal, take it or loose it!

Some of IKEA group buildings have a large quantity of square meters at the top for being employed in the task of harvesting solar energy. To give readers an idea, IKEA did install a solar panel array, in the ground, covering 65.000 square meters that provides near 800.000 kW each year.

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