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A good day to think

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Experiencing problems or not seems a matter of proposing a better organization. For instance the question pollute or not pollute has an easy answer with solar energy and electricity. How poverty and inequality could be solved from a day to another in paper, utilizing mathematical numbers about resources and consumption.

If the planet was providing resources from millions of years, it's the proof that it could continue with the cycle of regeneration during an eternity. Not if the task is to destroy it with a clouded sight digging a hole where prosperity for everyone looks much better.

A great problem is to conceive a monster that needs to produce too much waste for being sustained. It's in fact an intelligence problem since it creates an unsustainable development full of harmful consequences caused and signed by a theoretically rational society. What's your choice then? Wait for worse times?

To really solve problems it's necessary to establish control over any single aspect that interacts with the most important element of all: the environment that allows a life with so many possibilities thanks to its diversity, achieving to conserve it with extreme caution for current and new generations.

It's the property of Nature, and as our life is its will, it must be the highest priority of all.

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