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Economic growth and environment destruction

FeaturedEconomic growth and environment destruction

Children grow but at a certain point they stop, because otherwise it would be impossible to take care of their necessities. Economies that try to maintain a constant growth perhaps are still blind to the current environment crisis, worse with more overpopulation and completely unfair in terms of resource equality.

Capitalism based interests, consumption promotion leads to unnecessary and irrational resource usage and with it, waste in vast proportions without possibility of being recycled from the same entity that mainly search for lucrative interests so this expense comes out of the agenda.

The population pays also the price of living in polluted areas where the waste is closer and closer to cause issues of maximum relevance. As the number of people in middle acquisitive class grows, and the current rhythm of consumption is completely unsustainable, the straightforward conclusion appears too critical for being considered from any politic or why not also a capitalistic viewpoint.

It's more than possible to propose another methods to live without damaging the environment thus the rest are examples of what's not adequate. International awareness and solutions before more advance.

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