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The representation of people, today

The representation of people, today

A form of representation could be necessary in other ages but today several locations allow direct representation thanks to the evolution of the networks and the ability to interact with millions in a matter of seconds.

And at the same time, it's much better for several reasons. One, of main importance, is when a direct representation includes more possibilities of developing ideas and at the same time, those ones should represent the reality of interests with an augmented accuracy as they are being proposed by an increased number of individuals.

This has a simple explanation; when some people try to represent others and it's a single one or a reduced group, their possibilities are less than with more units of thinking. The elected individual has ideas, but finally in a scarce manner and that would be impossible if the ideas come from millions that interact thanks to new technologies.

If the elected does wrong, it's also rational having tools to avoid it, not to look and see how the problem goes further.

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