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Recycling, an incredible business?

FeaturedRecycling, an incredible business?

Electronic waste contains gold, copper, tin, fiber glass, rosin, magnets, plastics and more materials that admit constant reuse. In fact, it's strange to see how this huge amount of free materials are wasted instead of creating a sophisticated supply chain to the industry from those products without known owner.

Some people do it like a job and for sure they get money but the environmental problem that the waste create needs a more developed methodology to ensure greater numbers in statistical terms. There's a recycling industry although it could be problematic simply having machinery that allows little fractions of the total. It happens this way with plastics, where the industry only selects those perfectly well marked and free from other contaminants to throw to the machines, despising the most relevant part (more than 80% in some areas if not all). So the recycling statements sometimes could seem mostly a fallacy.

Nonetheless anyone can envision processes to recycle materials and finding uses to the 100% of the available raw packets. From electronics to whatever.

We encourage anyone to create this business, engineering a viable method to separate the materials (crunching, smashing, cutting or alike) and after another to isolate packets of raw materials, the purification process and finally the delivery of blocks to the industries.

Today there are mountains and mountains of materials to start, and most of the time are low cost. And of course, the production from them is not necessarily at the same cost, so it's a business!

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