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Adult, an obligation to establish control

Adult, an obligation to establish control

More than lamentable how easy is for kids to access the worst kind of images or videos with a content that has the potential to be catastrophic in educative terms. With the appearance of cartoons, some pages permit extremely harmful material under the name of "hentai", where the keywords are representations of criminal acts, with the presence of characters under legal age. Those keywords start to be common in the scene, and one day or another anyone could end looking to start a dangerous deviation that could lead to real problems. Because the ideas could come from any source, it's necessary to start policies to prevent them instead of waiting for representations.

The Japanese government was trying to control this kind of obscene media and it's not rare that the focus was cartoon based instead of others, because some products are really outrageous.

Freedom of speech must find limitations when it's being used in front of minors, other sensitive groups or in general any other part that could be offended. It's a sign of respect and the ability to live in a society where anyone should learn to not damage other very important aspects like the freedom to live without transgressors that use this right even knowing that they are attacking the education, ideas, believes or whatever element.

This is another example of a massive and disproportionate lack of laws at the international level that allows a very easy access to the most perverted depictions of criminal realities. Without doubt, the most important group to protect are children, and precisely they are in some places the most unprotected. The age verification routine is a joke, anyone could surpass it if knows how to use a keyboard or a mouse.

Search engines aren't helping, the biggest ones, because are of course tendentious, known tools to find perverted media without controls, as they did in the beginning. But, sooner or later, the significance of their numbers as the visits are high in this state of the evolution and education let them close the eyes to this promotion and start to expand with their actions obscene material (not a movie, not actors but a document) and some products very, very low.

Some people never provide a single cent to this area and never will nor use the viewers to win capital. The images could work, but it makes you a voyeur that couldn't find so much difference from the screen or an open window in front of your house. Industry? Come on, taking a camera? Much better to not spectate in the intimacy, even when they are exhibitionists or want to win money from it.

To live in a civilization where anyone could find easily “hentais” of forced relations, drawing children and mixing them with deviations must not be allowed. It's time to think methodologies to block the content to children and for that, search engines can do a much better work. They should, since until now, their history is what it is.

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