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The cost of production and good will

The cost of production and good will

A conception of a market with multiple OEM factories producing cheap for being rebranded with too many names usually comes with a high degree of deception. A user chooses a product from different options and perhaps every single one comes from the same Asian factory.

Some companies select cheap products to create luxurious packaging and put them inside. That way it would be possible to trick multiple individuals taking advantage and charging high prices. Perhaps millions of users dislike these practices but there's a market that knows the presence of countries having different values to their currencies thus the production must always be less expensive within them.

The international set of regulations don't talk about fair prices or fair practices, simply let anyone buy or produce here and sell at the other corner even with a 5000% of revenue. How many individuals are right now buying products that can be purchased in a certain public place for 5 units with a price of 50 units?

Speculations of this kind maybe don't fit with the sense of good will as it plays with the disinformation, taking advantage of the ignorance —a status with solution— or other aspects at the personal level, and also hiding the path to the low prices and the same quality and product. Deceiving perhaps during long times until the user discovers the truth of the origin and what others are doing with it.

This unfair reality should disappear from an evolved civilization. It mixes bad with ethics and education.

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