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Measures of change

Measures of change

International organizations, governments of any region know the effects of not establishing solid strategies to solve the mistakes that the present time carries with its history. It would seem irrational to continue promoting a society where the rate of consumption sustains the private sector if that creates more and more pollution and extreme amounts of by-products with an almost nonexistent recycling rate.

A capitalist based scenario where the private companies openly search for revenue and the free establishment of prices, with frequency unfair ones that lead to fortunes, it's a recipe for disaster when the products are manufactured to last few years or there are advertisement (always manipulative to a certain extent) techniques to despise them in favor of more modern ones or simply different.

In an evolved society, any product in the massive market needs to be carefully studied to ensure that when its operating life is completed any material can be safely recycled at 100% without creating hazards of any kind, specially toward the environment that supports all life.

Of course, in the contemporary free market enough private companies could be observed much more worried about producing fast and cheap that in other concerns. Using materials in intricate manners that guarantee a tedious recycling process, and that's another reason why each day the dumps are bigger or there are zones forced to burn materials, usually toxic, that end in the public atmosphere causing potential issues to multiple living organisms and humanity included.

As citizens, the act of consuming today comes with setbacks to analyze carefully. A company may think that if there's a product that serves a lifetime and the user doesn't have interests on changing it, a client is lost forever. Losing clients perhaps doesn't fit in the habitual capitalist mentality of exploiting the market, its population and destroying the competency if necessary (and jobs), so what's the solution?

A straightforward problem due to the nature of a free market that lets aleatory nuclei of power emerge and disappear causing potential catastrophes in the individual and sectoral level has to be rationalized to understand that it's a constant effect of the system. Or buy to destroy, in the hands of a lucky idea at the right moment that now is economic power. It's not the first individual that believes in being a demon or some other delusion, so with economic power can be a issue.

Eventualities that no one could let in a world where at least seven billion people live. The property of the planet and the right to cause harm must not admit discussion, in exchange for a prosperous civilization that ensures the life expectancy in well conditions to anyone.

The main issue continues being a lack of organization as the planet's possibilities are enough in paper and who wants more knowing that it's damaging others, it is because the education process was poor or that eventuality doesn't find rational limitations like legislation to avoid it and sanctions.

Resuming, a private market causes an extraction with lucrative purposes for reduced groups, damaging others, but it's possible to create a democratic administration in a higher position with the goal of achieving a more evolved mentality that looks for the prosperity of the seven billion people, the environment and the diversity.

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