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DIY helps reduce waste

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The overuse of plastics and their low recycling ratio sometimes lower than 15% causes great environmental issues and dangerous unsustainability that grows until even worse scenarios. Knowledge of this kind must be appropriate to start thinking about how an individual could reduce the consumption per year. Little actions that when they are done by massive numbers solve a considerable percentage of the issues.

If you have a cow and some crystal bottles, it's not necessary to require any form of packaging like plastics, metals or cardboard to store and transport milk for self consumption. In fact, installing in a supermarket a machine like those that make coffee but to distribute milk in bottles that the user carries to the supermarket, the action would be the same. We expect to see more of these machines more often but in the meantime there are other solutions.

As not everyone could be asked for DIY activities involving cows, there are others. For instance yoghurts or cheese admit the DIY manufacturing with ease. Also spices using simply seeds, water and a bit of fertile substrate. Maybe the supermarket is the best place to ask oneself what kind of product admits a DIY version saving that waste and probably money.

As an example, using a machine to make yoghurts, if the person requires one per day this means approximately 3650 plastic packages less in ten years. Thousands of them by each individual and that's why the waste is of huge proportions. Can you imagine the necessary space to store more than three thousand plastic packages?

Any person should start to be responsible if still lacks it and establish plans of action.

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