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Pure carbon toward atmospheric equilibrium

FeaturedPure carbon toward atmospheric equilibrium

A tree consumes carbon from the atmosphere to make its structure and while it lives thanks to the photosynthesis the oxygen output is more than the carbon dioxide input. This situation ends with the putrefaction and carbon dioxide production from microorganisms and then every natural zone could experience periods of maybe near equal from input to output in terms of carbon dioxide and oxygen or even worse.

But observing how Nature was conceived these mechanisms it's possible to think about an artificial method to create pure, solid carbon from the atmosphere at an industrial level to reduce the irrational amounts of carbon dioxide emitted from transportation, industry and energy production in general.

Right now the atmosphere is being used like a cheap dump and never cleaned.

A tree takes carbon for the structure but sooner or later dies to release it, but... what happens if there's an industry that takes atmospheric air to produce pure carbon. The byproduct would be oxygen, and

the pure carbon cannot experience putrefaction in any form if correctly handled.

The process requires energy and proper logistics to transport, store and use the carbon —graphene supercapacitors to an incoming EV revolution come to mind— although this time an environmental project of this kind should rely only on solar energy singularly after the experienced issues and understanding that no carbon based energy comes without dirt and pollution.

Not restricted to carbon alone; a viable method to restore the equilibrium, isn't it? The best part is that there are several projects trying to achieve this goal. Sadly, some groups want to convert it to hydrocarbons other time and with it the condemn of living in a toxic cloud of pollution with proven adverse effects for health. Like when smoking was cool but today most of the people are leaving it.

Carbon has multiple uses due to its incredible ability to form 3D structures or still more surprising 2D like graphene. Knowing this and having solar energy at the technological reach, to think in burning things seems not for everyone after trying to clean the atmosphere producing pure carbon from the air.

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