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Where is the king?

Where is the king?

In other species, Nature clearly shows the function of each group. Looking at the bee's world there are several types of insects and one, normally called the queen, has a different role that no one can match. Well, this doesn't happen in our society.

So when there aren't inherent differences that could be measured with lab equipment (perhaps fortunately) the usual choice was to create nobility titles, currency, opulent clothes, a "refined" behavior and a number of words to convince or educate others with the finality of accepting the normality.

Some people say that this is similar to a theater with the appearance of reality, with a group of actors playing megalomaniacs toward a public with the role of lesser kind. Excellence versus ordinary; but it's possible to close the curtain and reopen it with inverted roles so the ordinary goes noble and vice versa in dependance of several circumstances at the educational level.

It's also known the documented affinity of dynasties to preserve the lineage and these actions maintaining intimate relationships between family members come at a great penalty at the genetic side. Furthermore, this is proven like other widely accepted consequences.

A tree then with leaves without an unfortunate history. It's Nature's will, as giving to every human practically the same organism at birth; no wings, no crowns, no differences. When someone believes in being more or less important than others, shall we recommend studying the science behind a human organism? It's extremely difficult but revealing, much more than beliefs of a wild imagination and that tunnel that goes over there.

Where is the center of the Galaxy? Is it magnificent?

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