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International agreements in Solar Energy

FeaturedInternational agreements in Solar Energy

The energy input per square meter must be technically measured to discover or remember that in several places on Earth, with a great extension like deserts, it's possible to acquire clean energy to solve multiple important setbacks and danger due to the use of non rational energies.

The aforementioned danger affects to numerous species, humanity of course included. At the global level but also in the individual side. It leads to face problems that aren't necessary; writing an unfortunate history for current generations.

The reality of heliostat based thermosolar plants, with a high efficiency per square meter and a long lifespan permits to install methods ready for strategically producing energy constantly during all year, day and night. Currently, related private companies are trying to reduce costs to optimize their revenue and compete with other methods that produce electricity cheaper.

You get what you pay for!

As there are more than evidence of consequences at a geological level after the use of energies that pollute, or can release radioactivity or produce nuclear waste, it's clear that following in the use of these options only worsens the current state of the civilization creating more damage. Nuclear facilities are specially irrational in a planet as unstable as Earth due to plate tectonics, where meteors fall and everyone commits mistakes, with a potential risk for thousand years ahead or much more.

All the early states of evolution come at a high price, but you could expect that a homo sapiens would use the "sapientia" (a Latin word that means wisdom) for solving problems quickly once the cause is known and there are available options as well. This is not happening until today, with international agreements that propose limits and at the same time accept the "limited aggression" but anyway aggression to its own home —say environment if you prefer— assuming health risks, attacks to the diversity and the condition of main culprit.

To live in or frequent a cloud of pollution, or an unstable climate is not a good desire for no one.

An international agreement by political powers should redefine what expensive or cheap is (and remember that you get what you pay for: pollution and risk) since the money is an invention of humanity, in a planet where the value of anything is a mere virtual idea. Real and unreal, mostly the latter when you leave the solar system or does the galaxy have also price?

The Sun is the most powerful source of energy in the nearest area. Converting it to electricity, it's possible to create a main channel of strategic distribution toward any populated location. A problem of this order of magnitude, requires international agreements forgetting flags and boundaries in terms of cooperation mixing human resources, talent and funding to construct this channel of distribution where each party may afterward share a percentage of the economic venture in years to come because massive energy always produce massive revenue.

The focus continues being Africa, but there are more to start right now. As it needs several years for being constructed, the lithium-ion battery technology at least would be ready to permit slow waiting times to recharge, or using battery-swap, so mainly populated areas would be safe other time, and the road to a healthy atmosphere constructed.

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