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Ozone depletion continues making the problem bigger

Ozone depletion continues making the problem bigger

Fuels, solvents, wood fire or similar, the creation of byproducts for the constant rate of consumption, unsustainable by definition, and more industrial, chemical processes with the origin in activities of the current civilization at a daily basis are the obvious cause of atmospheric modifications. It's impossible to hide it to promote more sectoral benefits. Here is also the necessity of accounting with other natural aleatory processes that could interact driving to even more damage.

The atmosphere has a composition for a reason, perhaps it's difficult to imagine rational species trying to destroy the protection that it provides in exchange for nothing, as every process is not strictly necessary, has alternatives and then methods to organize societies without promoting critical levels of self-inflicted damage. Today, you would discover easily an increased rate of resource consumption and depletion to favor a capitalism that only survives leading to consumption like a giant monster and dies without it in a society where a large number of individuals are marginalized in terms of salary and work while others take advantage of it like the usual parasitic figure, seen in other species. Note: these assertions come respecting the observable and mathematically proven truth making a viable analogy with the help of statistics, dictionary and definitions, so this cannot be offensive.

A virus could finish with the host life its own, multiplying itself without measure and destroying every cell that encounters. Maybe it's because organisms of this kind doesn't have the possibility of thinking and understanding what an action is when there's a rate of activity.

For instance, the ozone has been depleted at a constant rate of approximately 4% each decade, so that means 40% in 100 years and 80% in 200. It's a factor that causes climate modifications as well since the Sun's energy enters with more ease mainly in UV frequencies, technically measurable if you don't believe in the current theory or electromagnetism, electrons, ions or others. It's also demonstrated that organic tissue expositions to these energies could cause fatal consequences, visual system setbacks or others.

It seems naive and disrespectful with the rationality to continue having the rate of hydrocarbon consumption (NOx for instance) each day and banning other sources that contribute less. You have billion pools with an open drain and the envisioned solution is to ban if someone drinks a water bottle next to the pool and leave the billion pools. Yes, there are too many people comfortably drinking and with pools; it's the reason, also who distributes them and also whom create legislation. A political class that sometimes is not an example of procedure at all.

It's necessary to move on toward a sustainable development based in logic degrees of resource consumption, safe energy and behaviors in general or the problem gets bigger playing with the magnitude of Nature, its environment and facing consequences.

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