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Poverty continues, making wealth responsible

Poverty continues, making wealth responsible

Like hundred thousand dying each day due to the lack of nutrition, or two billion people without access to basic medicines. You could define a business from several sides, or think about where the rich people spend the money, but this continues happening. It has an easy solution but for that some sectors should understand that everyone must have the right to equal opportunities. Otherwise anyone could act usurping quality of life from others and being the implicit cause of these numbers.

Numbers that do not end here, and at the same time you could observe how some prefer to spend their fortune in yachts, high-pollution-rate vehicles, luxury homes or services and why not simple caprices like children without trying to solve a problem of this severity and transcendence. At least, who doesn't have enough cannot relevantly change the status and that way, they stay without a big psychological flagstone on behind.

The reality comes with more surprises from this concept of humanity, where several societies despise and waste the same resources that others die for, literally, because they have them in abundance. Say water or aliments, how the supermarkets and other similar businesses continue having a black list of expenses to account with. So then, still wasting so much, the numbers are positive for them and everything proceeds in the same inertial path.

The phantom of the poverty wanders in such a way that no one could scape from it if the necessary conditions appear. The history is full of cases of it, from high to ground in short periods, even more pronounced than without this past. The capitalistic scenario resembles a lottery where the tickets aren't only for venture but for complete decapitalisation and sometimes, who doesn't know more than to play cards that others could with ease, once the accommodation disappears the possibilities of raising other time from the poverty stay very low. It's a good exercise to remember how the percentage of competitive and hardworking individuals in those massive numbers of poverty cannot scape from it, so add another one and the change is minimal.

Any set of financial ideas that condemn the civilization to such statistics of fatality and injustice cannot continue without raising loud voices of restructuring at the maximum basis. In this "freeway of quantitative data" even individuals have enough theoretical power to solve problems that affect the life of billions. Nevertheless, could a single individual believe in having more power than billions? If so, something is out of logic.

Not only individuals, but companies, governments or international organizations must solve this reality as fast as possible since any unfair inequality claims sooner or later toward the equilibration being a source of confrontation that should be always avoided in favor of peaceful progress.

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