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The lost pigeons

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It's not the name for a movie; the diversity of this planet was already attacked by the same responsible causing the extinction of at least three kinds of pigeons. Anyone should also remember that to say "succumbed to extinction" is not the right sentence as the unique cause was the irrational rhythm of deaths produced by those principally interested in making business, or finding an easy source of meat buying in the other side. Those pigeons were here during millions of years.

Species that cause extinctions for their actions have another important question to answer. It's another key element if there's a necessity of survival or other extremist calamities that could excuse —at least in a non rational animal to animal view— anything like this.

However, that question was already answered by the history multiple times. The human civilization doesn't need to invade until this degree the environment in which other species live and doing so starts the materialization of guiltiness analyzable by any rational entity. Also, by not doing or permission since sometimes it is as important as the action itself.

At the same time the fantasy emerges in narrative fiction gaining the power to go faster than the speed of light and why not to revive extincted species but the critical reality that we are living in the last centuries continues being more real and shocking. Like a tale that in reality hides a somnambulist predator with another face, right? The population of pigeons was in decline and everyone could have observed it but the market and provisions went equal as it nothing had happening.

It happened once, and what about tomorrow? Easy words, but this is a working factory of extinction by habituation. A habituation, at the same time, that fits in the consideration of convenient or lucrative. Maybe not with a wider contextual sense as if the human species doesn't know why they live in a planet, the lost pigeon species were here for the same reason as well. Living at the same plane from a Nature's perspective and one attacks the other so maybe it needs an adjustment. Let's say that Nature and its superior creativity cannot end here as there are billions and billions of planets. Even if the factory of extinction continues harming the diversity, potentially its own company, the Universe is too vast. Anyway, this is an obvious attack to the Nature's work, so a consequence is at will. The insignificance is another factor to remember.

Some people nowadays say that Science can explain everything but perhaps they are referring to their intelligence. Fair enough, we can explain scientifically how the development of a genome —like a lost pigeon's one— requires an intelligence that no human has and never will. Can you make that cryptography with hundred million elements in your brain or live enough time to create evolution? Or trying to imitate the engineering in robotics having it near to study it? To say that we are the center of the Universe is easier or to create anthropomorphic gods with superior powers.

Another fact is how the most important percentage of the population today doesn't want to be the cause of an extinction and understand its maximum transcendence. Then, the factory of extinction should close its doors forever fixing in the mind and promoting an education against the historical causes that caused the current extinctions, learning to live without harming the environment or its diversity.

No, we are not young species anymore, nor the adult people. There's enough rationality to understand multiple things thus puerile excuses aren't sustainable. Millions of years of evolution to this seems lamentable enough to ask for an international change of high proportions.

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