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How many protected natural parks?

FeaturedHow many protected natural parks?

The number of protected natural parks is another factor for qualifying nations and their governments because they got developed without destroying the environment, respecting others. It's frequently perceivable how some entities or individuals forget that we are not alone in this planet. In terms of rational justice everyone has the same right to live, right? What superiority means shouldn't be easily answered for those who cannot know what's inside the vast Universe or even outside.

The organization of human species can lead to the entire destruction of the habitat. With a chance to auto-destruction, pulling other living organisms to the hole after creating a problem where none existed. Although there is also the possibility of doing it better, and understanding that it's very difficult to surpass the distance toward other solar systems and therefore our unique contact with other species would be here. Next generations must have the same opportunity to see live, with their own eyes, Nature at its fullest degree of superior art and completeness.

Any society knows the risks of do not exerting control, letting aleatory factors that solidify idiosyncrasies to cause issues of high risk. Today there are people that would be capable of selling the last living chain of any species, killing them for “sport” or even eating them. It's in the present time a small statistical percentage considering a higher number of subjects and probably this is not going to change in future times. That's why protection and monitoring must be a top priority.

The number of protected natural parks should augment so their extension and technical monitoring. As well the parallel legislation to sanction with severity any action against them for its maximum transcendence. Another responsibility to never forget!

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